Welcome to High Velocity Motorsports, we offer several services to bring out top performance in your vehicle. Tune Your Obsession. Our services include the following:

  • Chassis Dyno
    We use a 2WD DynoJet Model #248 which is proven to produce consistent results. Dyno Rental starts at $100/hr. Dyno Release Authorization
  • ECU Tuning
    We can tune the following but aren’t limited to these applications, Contact us if you would like more information on your particular setup that may not be listed here. We specialize in E85.
    AEMCromeHondataHPTunersSCTMegasquirt – Diablosport – Neptune –
    Various Piggybacks – AEM FIC, Greddy, Apex’i, etc
  • Installation
    We can install your various go fast parts; turbo kits, wideband O2, exhausts, intakes, big brake kits, suspension, Nitrous electronics and solenoids, intake manifolds, etc. Labor rates start at $80/hr.
  • Fabrication
    Need a special part for your ride that is one off or need something fabricated to fit, we can help
  • Maintenance
    We offer several services to keep your daily driver or race car in top shape.

We aren’t limited to the above services, if it’s not listed above we probably know someone who can help you. Contact us. We are a short drive from downtown Knoxville, located in Powell, TN.

Tuning Check List
Before having your vehicle tuned we ask that you ask yourself the following questions in order to insure that it is in optimal shape.

  • Codes or Check Engine Lights – Is your check engine light on currently? Have you scanned it. If it is a knock sensor code or o2 sensor, those can be disabled. Others however will have an effect on the closed loop/ open loop fuel maps and will have to be cleared/diagnosed before tuning can begin.
  • Electrical and Wiring – Are all factory grounds in place? Is your alternator charging at 13.5-14v at all times? All aftermarket connections secure and in place? No exposed wiring?
  • Fuel System – Fuel tank and lines clean? Proper amperage supplied to aftermarket pump(s)? Fuel Pressure appropriate for your engines needs? Injector o-rings properly seated? No vacuum leaks? Are injectors properly sized for your power goals?
  • Mechanical Issues – Timing belt in optimal shape? At least half a tank of fuel? Valve lash set within manufacture specifications? Compression within specifications, no variance of 20psi between cylinders? Fluid levels are appropriate (coolant, oil, etc.)? Clutch torque capacity appropriate for your planned power output? Is your clutch broke in per manufacture specifications? Free of oil leaks, oil in healthy condition?
  • Turbo System – Oil/Coolant feed lines free of obstruction. Turbo seals in good condition i.e. no smoking? Free of shaft play? All bolts, pipes, and clamps secure? Appropriate oil pressure supplied to the turbo, not to much not to little? Intercooler free of boost leaks? Wastegate spring sized appropriately for your power goals? Are you using a boost controller for your set-up?
  • Exhaust System – Catalytic converter free flowing? Is the diameter of your exhaust appropriate for your power goals? Oxygen sensor placed in downpipe or header?
  • Ignition System – Plugs, Plug wires, Distuibutor, Coil, Cap, Rotor in working condition?
  • OBD – Correct injectors used for your ECU (saturated or unsaturated)? Conversion harness, if used, in good condition (no frayed or pinched wires)?
  • Suggestions – Most cars will go through more than one set of plugs per appointment depending on load and changes made. We can supply these or you’re welcome to bring in an extra set. If you would like to verify your tune on the street for fine tuning we ask that the car be safe and sound as far as drivability concerns (brakes, seat belts, current tags).

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